Looking Ahead

Because of the nature of farming and these current uncertain economic times, we've turned to our entrepreneurial roots in order to innovate and bring new products to our individual and wholesale clients.  Our goals are pretty simple:  Increase our local marketshare,  provide quality organic produce to local restaurants, make our produce available to individuals through farmers markets and other outlets.   Our long term goals include innovation through the optimal use of our resources to introduce more durable products.

  • In 2007 We planted several acres of pinot-gris grapes.
  • Fall of 2009 we hand pressed several boxes of our organic pears that were too small or blemished for public consumption in the hopes of producing a lightly fermented beverage.

Tomorrow?  Anything is possible.  Our goal is to balance quality production without depleting our natural resources.   We are considering complementary crops to plant between the trees. If you have any ideas, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .