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Harvest 2010

The pears have been picked. The mild summer and fall made our picking season a little later than normal this year. We were able to get plenty boxed for distribution to local outlets like Ray's and Ashland's food co-op, but the largest portion of our crop will be used by the Organically Growing Company for distribution in a variety of local and national products.

The crop size was about the same as last year, and the quality improved slightly. The flavor of our pears have always been exceptional, but the overall pear size has suffered since we began our transition to organic.  We feel it will take a few more seasons before the trees are producing optimally.

Like last year, we are pleased and encouraged by our efforts and will continue to work hard to improve our products.

Why did we juice all those pears?

Our goal has always been to distribute as much of our crop as possible. Along with our normal distribution of our best pears to the public, the remainder of our crop including boxes of small or blemished pears are being commercially juiced. Juicing allows us to distribute nearly 100%of our pears. We are excited and proud to have our pears improving the quality of flavor of locally and nationally produced organic products.

Secondarily, because we remember well the exciting and terrifying dreadof last year's cider bottle opening day, we hope the commercial pressing of our pears will help us create a cider with a uniform flavor that is uniquely ours that we can re-create from year to year.

Well, most of us feel that way.  Cider master Chris Perry feels the uniqueness is where the character lies.  Stay tuned.

Please send your warm thoughts and good wishes to Chris and his fiancee, Corinne, because they are planning to be married within the next year.