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Harvest 2011

Among famous traitors of history one might mention the weather...From sea to shining sea, we know something is up.  The birds knew it, the bees knew it.  Our crop was less than awesome this year.  We could blame it on the house renovation that took a few months longer that expected.  Ok, we might have missed the timing on the pruning, the early spraying, the late spraying and watering, but I think we will blame it on the weather since it can't argue the point.

Our crop was about 10% smaller than 2010.  The quality was on par with other seasons but with a larger percent of small fruit.  The largest and tastiest went right into the stores. What is left to sell?  Call Rich and see what he has left.

We experimented, east-of-eden fashion with bringing our crop closer to the consumer.  Loaded with a couple bins worth and a tank of gas, we took our wares to San Franciso in search of a market. You knew it, we knew it, but we had to prove it anyway.  Locally grown is not just a nice idea, there is a major savings in resources. What an expensive place to visit.  Let just say, the markets around Medford do not have to worry about losing out because of their neighbors to the south.

As the pear industry continues to shrink, cold storage has become harder to find.  We found space in the nick of time, thanks mostly to the good work of brother Steve Yancey.  Steve he has years of experience in horticulture. And, boy, can he sell insurance!