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Crush 2011

We mixed all the pear varieties this year and tried two types of yeast, champagne and one with a little less kick.  You may recall 2010, the champagne yeast really didn't die and some bottles became over-excited.  We measured the sugar content from the juice 18 percent.  That means 9% alcohol.  The drunkards in the family are really excited by that prospect.

Of the 30 gallons we pressed, about 10 didn't accept the yeast.  Perhaps it was too sugary, or the temperature was too low. We aren't really sure.  Hey, that means what we did bottle is worth that much more, right?

Flavor?  About the same as last year.  In winter they still have some sugar left, but by summer they will be nice and dry.  Both yeast's created an explosive amount of CO2, though slightly less than last year.  Next year, we will not "prime" the bottles with a sprinkle of sugar just before capping.  Because we want to press at Thanksgiving and bottle at Christmas, we might need to invest in a blanket to get that yeast moving.

Does anyone know if there is there a good/cheap way to grind the pears up.  The wash and prep process of these culls really slowed us down, so  our labor of love really started to feel like work.